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WHO we are

Redwood Wealth Management is an employee-owned, boutique wealth management firm created to service the financial needs of professional athletes, high net worth individuals and their families. We think freely without the limits imposed by corporate conflicts. We are trustworthy and loyal, committed to the highest ethical standards. Our full team of experts will maximize your wealth, with one point of contact to simplify your life.

WHAT we do

From equity to estate, your assets together form their own unique ecosystem. We help you manage each component of your wealth, not only to maintain its health but also to stimulate growth. We analyze your finances so you can focus on achieving your goals. Our full suite of services protects the legacy you’ve worked so hard to establish in order to ensure that your wealth continues to thrive for years to come.



We work with you, not just for you. At Redwood, we firmly believe our clients should be a part of designing their own customized plans. Our goal is to craft an experience that is clearly understood, as meaningful as it is measurable and makes sense for your daily routine.




Managing every aspect of your wealth is our specialty.

Bill Pay & Bookkeeping

We believe it's imperative that you have the full freedom necessary to monitor your monthly financial activity. Our bookkeeping system and cash management services categorize your income and expenses to make taxes and income statements more coherent for you. Our comprehensive reporting allows you to have complete control over your finances without the burden of dealing with timely invoices and bills. With Redwood, our bill management and payment solutions make your life less stressful and more efficient.

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Before you can take a meaningful step forward financially, you need to have a defined set of personal financial goals and objectives. Together, we will create a forward-focused budget that reflects the reality of your life and prepares you for the future. As we go through everyday expenses, debt repayment, and savings and investments, we will design a plan to simplify your life and prepare for the future.

Lifestyle Management

There are only so many hours in a day and you are spread thin enough as is. At Redwood, we will take the stress out of making arrangements. Whether making travel plans, organizing family events, or anything in between, we are fully prepared to handle any request.

Customized Reporting & Financial Statements

We recognize your need for timely, concise and meaningful financial information, which is why we are committed to providing accurate and responsive reports. Your customized financial report will pinpoint discrepancies and provide active analysis in a timely and easily understandable report.

Estate Planning

We are here throughout your life to ensure the security of your estate and finances for both you and your family's future. Together we will build a plan that aligns with your personal and financial goals. Our team of legal partners will guide you through the process of succession planning from trust administration, estate planning, multi-generational wealth transfer, and any additional long-term asset management to help preserve your wealth for generations to come.

Financial & Retirement Planning

You have worked hard all your life and we want to make sure that hard work pays off. Redwood analyzes and reviews all aspects of your finances and will provide an income strategy to help you move through life and retirement with ease and comfort in the lifestyle you envision.

Foundation & Philanthropic Guidance

You want to give back to the community, but aren't sure if an endowment, standalone foundation, or individual gift is the right choice? We will guide you towards philanthropic programs consistent with your interests. We will also offer advice on legal and financial compliances to make sure your charitable giving is maximized and more people can benefit from your generosity.

Investment Services

At Redwood, our focus has always been on creating and maintaining an independent and open architecture platform for our clients. We work with industry-leading partners that offer a range of investment opportunities and a disciplined investment process for fixed income and equities.

Credit Management & Lending

Credit is an incredibly important aspect of your financial profile and we are here to help you monitor, maintain and even build it. While we maximize your borrowing power, secure the best available loan interest rates, and make sure you are protected from identity theft, you will be ready to purchase a home, car, or anything else.

Private Banking

Get the most comprehensive financial services as we connect you with one of the private banks and financial institutions with whom we have cultivated a strong relationship. Whether managing credit, deposits, or cash, we will exceed your personal banking needs, offer the most personalized service from our dedicated advisors, and ensure the utmost level of confidentiality.

Real Estate Consulting

When it comes to property and real estate, our goal is to maximize investment returns. This means we will assist you in everything from contract negotiation and financing to advisory oversight of the execution of purchases and sales of various types of property.

Risk Management

At Redwood, we aim to minimize your risk and implement cost effective risk transfer strategies to protect you and your family. We work with asset protection specialists and insurance providers to curtail your risk and protect your assets, including the intangibles like identity theft and personal liability.

Tax Management Consulting & Legal Coordination

Effective tax planning is not an annual activity. We help you achieve optimal tax savings with year-round services from our partnership with agents, accountants and outside advisors. As we maintain and reassess strategies throughout the year, we ensure your tax liabilities are minimized, deductions are maximized, and end-of-year compliance is set. We are always available to consult on other legal issues as well.





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